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We take registrations for Private Vehicles (Motorcycles & Cars) registered under Bagmati Zone Or under State-3 only.

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E.zee sewa is one of the finest bluebook renewing services available in the country.We have reliable services for every sort of vehicle you own. In addition to the excellent bluebook renewing services, we also provide proper and advantageous insurance services that can be entrusted.
We have always been dedicating our time and effort in serving you as the best service providers for over a decade. You can consider us your friend in need and enroll into our services with every trust and faith. The service that we choose on providing you comes at an incredibly affordable and effective price. Similarly, e.zee sewa has a dynamic range of services that can reduce your effort in tones of ways and act as your liable helping hand.
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Insurance Rates

Third Party Insurance Rate

According to the law of Nepal Government, Third-Party insurance is mandatory.
Two Wheeler
Engine(cc) Rate(Rs)
Upto 150 1707
151-250 1933
251 and higher 2159
Four Wheeler
Engine(cc) Rate(Rs)
Upto 1000 7356
1001-1600 8487
1601 and higher 10747
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The driving licenses expire each 5 years in Nepal and for Bagmati zone, the Department of Transport Management located in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur deal with the license renewals. The techniq...